Sunday , February 7 , 2010
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Feb 7, 2010

Hello all, I have some bad news for you all. For awhile now I have not been able to afford to commission new updates of Coyote Dance. So long story short, this will be the last update for alittle while. I've been thinking it over and talked it over with some friend and I'll say this: I will not be droping Coyote Dance.After nearly five years and only 70 or so pages I never gave up so I feel like I am beating a dead horse so even though I am not dropping CD this will be it's last run. I won't be picking it up again if I drop it, or go on hiatus but I will inform everyone of the end.

So what does this mean you might ask? I can't afford new updates...sooo?

The Answer is simple. I will do my best to save up money to continue to hire Aisaku to update the comic from time to time and I will do my best to return to being the artist of the comic. There are some problems with that.

What kind of problems?

Work has always been a problem for me. I am always tied down because of it and at the end of the day I am drained of energy. The 2nd problem is health. I have been visting the gym lately on a regular basis, but not have not revealed why.

I have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes.

The doctors have informed me my life is at risk with my weight being out of control, topping off at nearly 400 pounds. With a friends help I have been working out for the past 4 months and have lost nearly 50 pounds so far but I am nowhere near the weight I need to be at to be safe. Between work and the gym this leaves me with limited time so taking the artist reigns will be alot more difficult than people think.

How often will CD be updated?

One, when I've saved enough money to commission pages, two when I find the time to draw out pages. Three If people donate enough money to commission another update. So in the end the answer is "When ever I can." but not on a regular basis anymore.

If you have anymore questions feel free to vist the forum or my deviant art and ask them I will do my best to answer them. - ReD

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